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We have a wide variety of flexible large warehousing space with our bespoke 1.6ha site capable of handling 1000’s of cabinets. 

Our dedicated team with enhanced training and experience on how to properly handle commercial refrigeration cabinets will manage your storage from start to finish, with the use of specialist handling equipment to ensure safe storage. 

If your asset becomes redundant while in storage, it does not need to be transported, it can simply be recycled within our permitted recycling facility.


Saving you money and carbon footprint.

Warehouse Workers

Asset Management

We are able to track exactly where your cabinets are in our storage facility using our automated asset management system.


Checking in cabinets allows us to assign the cabinet to a department for storage, refurbishment or recycling and give responsibility to an employee, to ensure your cabinet is in the right place at the right time.


Checking out assets allows us to track and identify each cabinet from start to finish on behalf of our client.

We also offer bespoke services in parts management for your assets should you require. 

Security Camera

Safe & Secure

Numerous security measures in place ranging from 24 hr CCTV cameras, individually alarmed areas with PIN code access, perimeter fencing, staff on-site 24/7, as well as infrared smoke detectors and fire alarms, your stock holding will be safe and secure.