Matt Davis 

Founder & Managing Director  

"I have been in the industry for more than 15 years before the 2003 WEEE Directive came into play. I have gained the recognised WAMITAB qualification and learnt a lifetime experience along the way.

Along with an interest to the WEEE Recycling sector I am also a keen business man with the ambition to create a successful business, not only for myself but for my employees and clients equally.

I love my role as the director of this business, but don’t be shocked if you visit and I’m on the forklift….I am proud to have grown this business with my own bare hands alongside my hard working team."

 Mark Clipstone 



 "Refrigeration installation has been at the forefront of my career since I  was a young man. At around 20 I was employed as an installations operative on the shop floor. Since then i have worked my way up the ladder and now co-own Davis Commercial Services.

With my extensive knowledge in this sector I run the supermarket installations department."

Claire Davis 

Business & Administration Manager  

"When the WEEE directive first come into place I joined the industry within the sales department…

Throughout the years I have learnt a lot about recycling & waste management, business acumen and Health and Safety. I pride myself with my work as the business and administration Manager for DCS."

Touka Cosens 

Business Development Manager 


"As a relative newcomer to the recycling industry, I have over 10 years’ experience in business development prior.

I enjoy forging new pathways whilst looking for new ideas to help improve and expand the business but always with an emphasis on helping innovation and improving the environment.

I’m good at creating relationships but more importantly maintaining them to ensure clients remain satisfied with our service’s but also so they receive extensive knowledge on the workings of WEEE recycling here at DCS.

I pride myself on professionalism and maintaining a positive image for DCS and our passion for delivering quality practice to the Recycling industry. All smiles."

Richard Laney 

Transport Manager   


"After working in the transport industry for over 10 years, this new role is a great opportunity for me to use my knowledge and experience to grow our own transport team. I’m keen to get started in the recycling industry and drive this side of the business forward.

I am looking forward to a great future working with a great team here at DCS."

Tamara Williams 

Senior Administration & Logistics Co-ordinator  

"I have over 9 years experience in logistics and now in my current role I have developed all the skills and knowledge needed to make sure this side of DCS runs smoothly and efficiently.

 I enjoy my job as it is so varied, from HR and accounts, to legislation and logistics. Ive seen the company grow in such a short space of time and am excited to see what the future holds."

Trevor Patterson  

Warehouse Manager 


 "Ive been with DCS since the very beginning and have plenty of experience in the waste industry within previous roles from refrigeration to aviation, you could say I’ve “been round the block" Ive done just about every job within the company from fitting cabinets to spraying and now I head up the recycling operation in Earls Barton. It can be very demanding at times but I have to say I thoroughly enjoy working with the team and enjoy the various daily challenges we face."

Michael Jack

Assistant Warehouse Manager 


"My aim is to achieve the very best and maintain a standard second to none, I will continue with this attitude throughout my employment with DCS where over the last couple of years I have enjoyed many new challenges as every day can be different.

My experience; many skills I have acquired in physical combat and protection which has enabled me to have a long career in protection on the club scene for 15 years, managing teams of 20 plus men equips me with the skill sets needed to drive our operation here at DCS forward smoothly and successfully."


 Ant Berine 

Warehouse Team Leader

"By trade I am a builder, using my skills to develop and refurbish buildings - I now have a great career in exactly the opposite…demolition and in turn recycling.

Being a supervisor at DCS allows me to use my incentive by managing our workforce and constantly coming up with new ideas of how to be more productive and greener as a business."