Our portal combines easy collaboration between documentation &  our clients and from any device, you will experience a delightfully simple user experience which is all supported by the security, governance and compliance needed by every industry and geography.

And by supporting work across a variety of content types, devices, apps and services, our portal allows clients to view documentation from anywhere, anytime.

We have partnered with a secure online portal system to ensure simple, secure file sharing and collaboration anywhere. The system syncs between your desktop, laptop or smart phone giving you the peace of mind that you are able to access your important environmental documentation wherever you may be.

Security you can trust: Your files are protected wherever you go with centralised security controls and reporting, customer managed encryption, rights management and mobile security.

View & Share Files, Online or Off: Securely view files on any device with the Mobile App. View files in 120+ formats and save files for offline access.

Ditch Email Attachments: We can securely share large files with a simple link or custom URL, control access with permissions we have set and secure files with password protection.

Preview Without Downloading: View full documents in 120+ file types, including Word and PowerPoint, without needing to download the file first.

We Centralise Your Files: With us, your team has a single place to view and download environmental documents. Plus, real-time notifications when edits are made keep you in the loop.

Never Lose Files : Quickly find what you need with in-document search and keep your desktop, web and mobile content synchronised.